Dogs participating in the Guardian partnership

Ruby June : 80% Lab; 20% Aussie


Ruby June lives with the Parkinson family. She works at a daycare where she is a big helper. The kids adore her.  Her pups are gentle  loving doodlebugs, and she is a very caring mom.. We are planning  mini Labradoodles  and Mini Aussiedor Doodles with her - and expect amazing colors!

Bella Gem : AKC Small Standard Poodle


Bella Gem lives with the Hedstrom/ Sanderling family as their beloved companion.  She is friendly and calm with everyone she meets. With Bella Gem, we are planning medium to mini size Aussiedoodles, medium size Labradoodles, and small size standard Poodles. 

Luna : first generation Doodle


Luna  lives with the Dalquist family on a farm with horses, dogs and kids. She is huge on snuggles, gentle as they come and so smart. Her favorite thing in the world is water.  She will be bred to Buster for 35  to 45 pound F1B Labradoodles

Bella Rose : AKC Moyen Poodle


Bella Rose lives with the Lubich family.  She is a fun-loving, happy girl who loves everyone, including her best friend Odin just down the street. With Bella, we are planning  Mini Golden Doodles, Moyen Poodles, and Mini Labradoodles.

Winnie : Aussiedoodle


Owned by the Klimek family 

Winnie, born in October 2018, is still a puppy and developing.  So far she is a calm,  soft-natured gal and we expect 

she will be a terrific mother of future mini F1B Aussiedoodles.

Odin: AKC Australian shepherd


Odin is owned by the Nelson family.  Hidden valley has partnered with them and together we have brought up some amazing Aussiedoodles.

He loves balls. Soccer and tennis. He loves to catch them in the air. He loves to run. He loves any squeaker toys. He loves to sit at the table in his own chair after dinner for evening conversation. He also loves to sit in your lap. He is Mr Outdoors.