Parents that live here at Hidden valley Doodles

Tucker : AKC Labrador

 He is so loving and gentle.  Great with children and other animals. Pointing/retrieving lines.

Tucker is a 100-pound gentle giant with all the classic features of AKC labs.  I trust him completely around children and all animals. He comes from natural born pointing/retrieving lines. 

Father of Labradoodles and Aussiedors.

Buster : AKC Moyen Poodle


 This litte love nugget is a 27-pound athlete.  He loves agility and is a  loyal friend. His pups are amazing.  He is a truly dedicated dog who watches me at all times. Such devotion out of this little dog. Father of Mini Labradoodles/ Moyen Poodles/Mini Aussiedoodles/ Daisy pups and mini Gun Dog Doodles. F1  and F1B generations. 

Gem : AKC Standard Parti Poodle

Gem is retired.  She gave the world some of the most beautiful pups. Style & grace.  Doodle & poodle

Gem, a dog of true style and grace, is retired.  She gave the world some of the most beautiful pups - doodle & poodle. Mother of small and moyen size AKC Poodles/Gun Dog Doodles and Aussiedoodles/Poodle and Poodle mix puppies. 

Roxy : 75% Labrador, 25% Aussie


 Roxy is our pick of the litter out of Tucker and June. She will be bred to Buster to produce Mini Labradoodles with stunning colors. She will someday be the mother of  Mini Doodles.

Bailey : first generation Doodle


Bailey is such a kind soul.  Soft heart and eager to please. She is 50% Poodle, 33% Lab, 17% German Shorthaired Pointer. She will be bred to Buster for 35 to 45 pound F1B mini to medium   Labradoodles..

June : Aussiedor


June is an Aussiedor who is 50% Lab, 45% Aussie, and  5% Border Collie. She is a wonderful mom. Her pups are stunning and so smart. She has pups all over the country who are making terrific all-around working or companion pets. Mother of Aussiedor puppies.