Here at Hidden Valley Doodles we breed for HEALTH and TEMPERAMENT  first. The amazing colors are just a bonus. 

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About Us

In this picture is my bunny THUMPER  my goat SAM also JEWEL the first poodle I started my breeding program with. One of her puppies and of course me. Heather

About me

I have always had a passion for dogs. My first job at age 12 was a dog walker. I was paid in cookies and soft drinks. I have been a dog and cat groomer for  30+ years, and I have been raising quality service and companion dogs for more than a decade. I was also a horse trainer for more than 15 years.  I always cry at the movies if the dog dies or gets hurt. I truly believe my dogs can sense my feelings and that they love me more than any human ever could.


 My dogs' food is healthier than mine, and I have more whelping supplies than I do  human medicine and first aid supplies. 

 I have vaccines in my fridge, and my vet is on speed dial.  When bad weather strikes, I focus on saving the dogs/puppies before taking cover myself. Day in and day out, my feet find the way to the puppy house before I have even eaten breakfast in the morning . . . and the puppy house is my last stop before bed each night. Sometimes, when people comment on the price of my puppies, I gently remind them of the 24-hour, 365-days-a-year job of a devoted dog breeder. Much more than just "breeding" goes into this life - and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Puppies who are loved and played with and cuddled are puppies that make great companions.  💙💖


The moment she fell in love with one of our Aussiedor puppies

About our adoption process


Our puppies are worked with everyday. To build a strong loving bond between human and dog.
We provide them with new and exciting challenges  and things to discover daily. This builds confidence while fulfilling there never-ending desire to learn. We also play thunderstorm, fireworks and shotgun CD'S to get them used to these sounds while they are safe and happy with mom. This is in hopes your pup will not be scared of storms or the 4th of july. 
Our pups leave here potty trained to use dog door. Check out our reviews people comment on how amazingly easy potty training is with our pups. Most pups know sit, stay and shake before leaving here.

 Each pup will have age appropriate shots. Will have vet exam. Will have written 2 year health guarantee.  Will be microchied. Will leave with some food and vitamins and a special goodbye bag filled with goods I know they love

We do not ship but for a fee we are willing to meet you at airport at that point you may take them with you as carry on.it is your responsibility to call airport and get the details on flying with puppy. We prefer you to come here to pick up your puppies but know that is not always possible.  We will deliver at extra cost of course.
We are located in Millville Minnesota  it's about 27 miles NE of Rochester Minnesota and a hours drive from the mall of America. 
All puppies sold with spay/neuter contract
Breeding rights  will be considered after interview.  Our main concern is none of our puppies ever end up in puppy mill.

We breed for temperament and health above all. The pretty colors are an extra bonus. We place many of our puppies as future therapy/service dogs because of their temperaments.


When you contact us, we will tell you what litters we have available and what we are expecting. We can tell you how many deposits we currently have for a given litter. The first deposit received get first pick of litter, second deposit received get second choice and so on. You will have a "pick number" according to which order we received your deposit. When it's your turn to choose we will work with you  if you need or want help choosing.  Most families have followed the litter on Facebook or the website and have a few favorites in mind before our call.